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  • Vikram Agarwal

    Hi Team,
    I see you have listed good no properties on your website. We are an IT firm based in Bangalore currently we are having 30 seater or 3000 sq ft office at Whitefield. We are planning to expand our operations for which we require larger office space in Bangaloare. Hence can you help us finding a fully furnished commercial space with adequate parking facility for minimum of 20 cars. Our budget set aside for the new premises is Rs 60 to Rs 90/sq ft with 10 months advance.

    We require good infrastructure like modular workstations, large conference rooms, centralized AC, 2 MD cabin, 3 manager rooms and well-furnished reception area that can seat a minimum of 10 visitors, Other than reserved parking, addition parking spaces like street parking would be an advantage, So that the visitors can easily park their vetches without much hassle.

    The time frame we are looking is around 3years lock in period minimum and further 2 years based on mutual understanding. If you have any commercial properties matching the above requirement then you can contact us for property inspection.

    Vikram Agarwal

    • Girish

      Thx for showing interest in our firm we shall shortlist a suitable property and get in touch with you.
      Search4space Team

      • Naresh

        We are a group of about 25 personals planning to startup Business for which we require areoung 2000 sq ft commercial space for rent at not more then Rs 45 /sq ft. If you have any properties whith this budget pls call us, So that we can visit once and finilize asap.

  • Hitesh


    We require 15,000 sq ft office space at Bangalore it should be fully furnished plug and play with all modern facilities like central ac, networking, server room, reception area and good modular workstations. The main criteria are that it should be on single floor plate. As per our research we would like the space to be at Sarjapur road or outer ring road (ORR) preferred. We will be visiting Bangalore in the next month, In the mean time if you could send us the properties which you have based on the details given then you can mail us asap.

    At present we are having our office at Mumbai which is about 5000 sq ft. So this new space be for further expansion.Also pls recommend the areas for setting up an ideal office which should be surround by good residential houses, As it should accommodate our employees. I have read your website and really appreciate the kind of useful informative details shared like What is lock in period, shared spaces, difference between furnished and unfurnished spaces.

    We are fine to pay your consultancy charges.


  • Rajeev Sharma

    We are a bangalore based IT Start up firm current we have an Office of about 2000 sq ft at HSR Layout with 15 employees. We are in the process of expanding our business hence we came across your website on google . We liked your website for give us such usful details in understand the terminology used in commercial realty which made it simpler to know what we needed for expanding our premises like the no of workstations req, cabins etc. After having discussions in our board meeting we have come to a conclusion that we need about 6000 sq ft office space it can be in single floor or 2 floors max.As our essential requirements are mentioned below..

    6000 sq ft Office required at Bangalore with below requirements
    – Modem glass building.
    – Fully furnished with new workstations (if possible).
    – 10 Seater reception area for visitors.
    – The office should be above ground floor.
    – Basement car park 6nos or covered parking.
    – Lift mandatory.
    – Cafeteria for 60 persons.
    – All networking with server rooms.
    – 100% power backup required.

    Our budget is Rs 70 /sq ft with an advance/deposit of 8months. The lock in period should be of 2years and the building should have a commercial plan approval. Based on these requirements you can call us on the given no for floor inspection by our CEO at the earliest.

    Rajeev Sharma

    • Girish

      We have received your query regarding your office space requirements. We shall arrange a property visit asap.
      Search4space Team

      • Vipin

        This is Ramesh Babu, i am looking for a Plug n Play space on rent of 16,000 sq ft which should be located in very prime location like Koramangala, Hsr layout and Mg road. The commercial buidling should have a galss facade and lift for 8 people with adequate parking facility for 30 cars. The setup of 16,000 sq ft 160 workstations 3 cabins 2 large conference rooms with central AC. If you come across any properties matching our requirements then pls reach asap, As we want to move in within the next 3 months.
        thanking you,

  • Mohit

    At present we are looking for setting up a branch office in Bangalore with minimum area requirement of almost 4000 sq ft in prime locality. As per our research and advice we have shortlisted the areas where we are looking for office space which are Koramangala, Whitefiled, HSR layout, JP Nagar and Indiranagar. The space should have minimum of at least 35 workstations 3 cabins 1 md room 1 server room all networking with AC. Upper floors peaceful location required in any of the above given localities. We are planning to shit all our office operations from our existing office in Chennai to Bangalore within a span of 2months. So the space requirement should be finalized at the very earliest.

    We would like to have an office in a prime location which should be having good restaurants close by which helps our employees. The property should have adequate parking facilities for cars and 2whellers. A small cafeteria if the option is available and the overall budget we are prepared by what the market rates go in that area. But anyways we have prepared to spend Rs 50 to Rs 70 /sq ft including all maintenance charges. Do shortlist few properties and reach us via email or telephone, so that we shall be arriving at Bangalore to look at the options. Also let us know what would be the consultancy charges once we finalize the deal.

    Thank you,

  • Vibhav

    Hi Team,

    We are an android developing firm located at Koramangala presently running an office with 2000 sq ft with 20 workstations and 2 small cabins. Due to expansion we are planning to move out of our existing space which should be around 3000 sq ft with complete fit outs including chairs, tables, workstations, networking, power back up, server rooms, meeting rooms, pantry, cafeteria , wash rooms etc. We have seen some of the properties listed on your site based on these can you help us in finding the right office space within my budget of Rs 45 to Rs 60 / sq ft max.

    Our preferred locations of setting up our new office would be sarjapur road, outer ring road, orr, whitefield and Indiranagar. We prefer to have our new premises in the Ground floor only as we have many clients visiting our company. The elevation of the building should look good as with glass façade. We are willing to pay 8 months as advance to the owner and signing in on 5 year rental agreement with2 year lock in clause. I would really appreciate if you could show some of the commercial properties based on our suggestion.


  • Himesh Jain

    I really appreciate the kind of useful informative content given on your site which was very useful for me in understanding the all about office spaces and the different types of spaces available in the market today. We are a group of 4 friends planning to start a new business setup in Bangalore, currently we are planning to hire about 40 employees for this venture.

    Can you let us know what would be the rough estimate in terms of built up area required for furnished office space with minimum of 40 workstations with few cabins for our managers and a small reception area for our visitors to be seated. Also based on your expertise pls let us know whether its advisable for a start up to be setup office in a business center which is more of temporary which I learn from your website.

    Since we are just starting up we don’t want most of our funds stuck with the landlords(Owner) by giving them advances, So we feel that business centers will work out better for us though the monthly rent might be slightly more. You can propose any good business centers for rent in and around bangalore with my requirement for 40 workstations with few workstaions. You can contact us to you have any of the properties with you matching our needs and within our budget.

    Himesh Jain

  • Sanjeev

    We are just a Startup firm at Whitefield, currently we are running our office activities at a residential place. Since we are planning to hire more employees, we are thinking of expanding our business from moving from a residential property to a commercial property. Hence planning to rent a affordable space to setup our Startup office space which should be definitely within our budget. After hours of discussions and debating, we have come to a conclusion that we shall be looking out for a furnished or Plug and Play Office space at Bangalroe the locations that has been shortlisted by our team is JP nagar Koramangala Indiranagar HSR Layout ITPL Jayanagar.

    As mentioned above you must have got the entire requirements of what we are in searching for, Hope these information makes you easier in helping us the find the right commercial properties at affordable costs. We have taken some time in going through your website which really has lots of informative content regarding this. In fact your site has made us understand the different setups available which renting a commercial space. Our space requirement is about 4000 sq ft to 8000 sq ft depending on the kind of location and we are fine to pay you the market consultancy charges to Hire you as our consultant.

    Thx and regards,

  • Puneeth Shah


    Having our office in Pune with 150 employees at present, we are planning to expand our business to Bangalore for which we are searching for about 10,000 sq ft ti to 15,000 sq ft office space which should be located in very central business district or Business centers / IT Park / SEZ spaces. Our requirements is that the building should be new or if not the premises should be well maintained with property maintenance record. The legal ownership papers will be cross verified by our legal team. The office should have all required necessary plan sanctions and plan approvals by the concerned authority without any deviation.

    To add further to our requirements, since we will have close to about 200 employees we would be requiring adequate no of car parking slots and two wheeler parking. In addition we want the entire office to have full networking plug and play with server room’s power back up a large reception room for our visitors. It will be plus point if it comes with a cafeteria. We are fine in looking in properties ranging from Rs 50 to Rs 90 / sq ft depending on the locality. Hence pls call us on our given contact nos or reply via our email Id sent in the query form.

    Puneeth Shah

    • Girish

      We have a good network for finding you the right affordable office spaces at Bangalore at Business centers, SEZ and Tech parks. We shall mail you the Best commercial properties that are matching you needs and requirements.
      Search4space Team

  • Anoop

    I have seen you website and the Commercial properties that has been listed on your site and informative Tips on office selection which was helpful for my understating about the hidden charges while renting a property, maintenance cost involved etc. We are Startup firm based in JP nagar, Bangalore having a small office of about 3000 sq ft. Now we want to expand our office space to 20,000 sq ft as we do have our corporate office which is in Mumbai, which we are planning to shift it here. Based on your listed properties we plan to shift to a new location in HSR Layout, Indirangar or Koramangala.

    The criteria for a new IT office is that it should be large roomy with lots of natural light, the building should have a centralized air cooling system, modern workstations, well designed manager room, 150 sq ft MD room, 300 sq ft minimum conference room, all networking with plug and play ready to use property. We are fine with the budget as long as it goes with the surround market rates. As per our research in the above localities the running rental rates are around Rs 60 / sq ft for a fully furnished Plug and Play Office space.


    • Girish

      Thx for showing interest in our Firm to help you in finding you the right Office space, We have seen your preferred locations for your space for which we shall shortlist a few properties and arrange a property visit asap.
      Search4space Team

      • Raman

        We require a 5000 sq ft furnlly furnished office for rent in bangalore in Koramangala or Indirangar only. Do let us know if you have any such properties with you presently.

        • Harish

          I am looking for office space for rent of 4000 sq ft which should be furnsihed with 40 workstations 3 cabins 2 conference rooms 1 ot 2 md rooms in locations such as Koramangala, Indiranagar.

          • Balamurali

            Presently we are having an Office on rent at Airport road its of 2000 sq ft, Now we are in the process of expansion hence we would require an affordable commercial space on rent of 6000 sq ft having 6 ccoverd carparking slots, reception area, 60 workstations 3 cabins with server room.

  • Vikas Agarwal

    I am so delighted to come across your website. I have been searching for a place suitable for my office in Bangalore. I am in need of a fully furnished office space where I can use to run my business. My company is already established in Chennai and Hyderabad, but I see the need to have another branch in Bangalore because of its high population and pleasant climate throughout the year which could lead to higher earning for my company.

    I read the information on your site carefully and I believe you could be of help. Like I said before, what I need is an already furnished office space I do not want to spend extra money on facilities (Ac, fans, chairs etc) and I want to start off as soon as possible. The facilities must be of high standards and of impeccable quality. I want my employees to be satisfied; research has proved that a good work place increases the effectiveness and efficiency of labour/ human power. I need their maximum effectiveness therefore I need to provide them a very good work place and that is why I have come to you. I would be grateful if I can get an office space with these specifications:

    Well installed and functioning AC
    15000sq ft Office space
    Beautiful view from windows
    Well secured environment
    The quality of the facilities i.e. chairs, tables etc. must be very good
    At least one conference room
    Enough space to park cars and move around.

    I hope to hear from you as soon as possible. Thanks,
    Vikas Agarwal

    • Girish

      Hi Vikas,
      We deal in Office sizes of 3000 sq ft 5000 sq ft 4000 sq ft 2000 sq ft 6000 sq ft 9000 sq ft 8000 sq ft 7000 sq ft 12,000 sq ft 10,000 sq ft 9000 sq ft 12,000 sq ft 13,000 sq ft 15,000 sq ft 14,000 sq ft 11,000 sq ft 17,000 sq ft 16,000 sq ft 19,000 sq ft 18,000 sq ft 21,000 sq ft 20,000 sq ft 25,000 sq ft 30,000 sq ft upto 5lac sq ft Furnished Plug and Play Office space at Bangalore or office for rent inside Tech parks such as Manyata tech park Bagmane tech park from 20 seater 50 seater 100 seater 200 seater 500 seater upto 1000 seaters.
      Search4space Team

  • Prashanth

    My name is Prashanth, I am pleased with what I have seen so far on this site. I hope to get what I want as soon as possible. I have 87 employees working with me in presently. I wish to move the company to Bangalore due to some personal reasons and almost all my employees are moving since Bangalore is close by.

    I want a affordable furnished office in the heart of Bangalore where there are lot of IT and industrial activities going on. I presently occupy a 10,000sq ft and I would want to get a place of the same size in Bangalore. Due to my budget I would prefer an unfurnished office space. I will furnish it myself. I want a modern Plug and Play office space arranged over ground and first floors.

    Please take note of the following requirements:
    It must be minimum 10,000 sq ft furnished office
    It must have a minimum of 50 on site car spaces
    It must have an imposing full height reception
    It must have office accommodation
    It must have a large hall that can take at least 70 people
    The office space must be situated in a location where houses (for my employees’ accommodation) are affordable.
    It must be within walking distance of a restaurant. (I want my employees to have easy access to food)
    The price range should be between Rs 50 / sq ft to Rs 80 / sq ft

    If you can get an office space that matches the above requirement, it would be my pleasure to do business with you. I look forward towards receiving a positive feedback from you.

    Warm Regards,

    • Girish

      Your requirement for renting a 10,000 sq ft Furnished office has been received by our team, we shall shortly arrange a property visit, So that you can choose the best property for rent which meets your budget and requirement.
      Search4space Team

      • Swapana

        We are a small startup firm we are on a lookout of a Small commercialproperty on rent for our startup office that should accommodate about 10 employees.We are ideally looking for locations such as Koramangala and Indiranagar only. Our Budget would be not more than Rs 50,000 per month along with 10 months refundable security deposit to the owner. We want to have a minimum of 2 years Lock in period mentioned in the agreement.

  • Sandeep Shah

    It has been difficult for me to get an furnished office space at bangalore for my business. I have been searching for a very good space for over 4 months. From the information I gathered from this site, I know my specifications can be met. I need an office space with a gross internal area of approximately 6000sq ft Furnished commercial space in size with a friendly environment. I wouldn’t love to go through the stress of getting and installing facilities; so therefore, I need an already furnished office space. I want a beautiful place and design that will entice my clients.

    The ceilings should be suspended with recessed lighting. I want an office space that has shower facilities (The nature of work makes that necessary). There should be parking space for approximately 9 cars and enough space for deliveries and articulate Vehicles to maneuver. The building should have well placed carpet throughout. Another thing that is very important is Air conditioning system; it must be in perfect condition. I would love it to have well proportioned offices on ground and first floors with a very nice view over the rear. The Office space must have a large and fully fitted room for presentation and meeting. The area must be surrounded by good transport link( delivery vehicles will be used often for moving goods in and out) I am excited about this site and I pray my office space looks just the way I want it.
    Please note that all repairs (if any) must be done before I move in.

    Sandeep Shah

    • Girish

      We have received your request for 6000 sq ft furnished Commercial space at Bangalore, We shall go through our existing property listing and send you our complete property list matching your requirement.
      Search4space Team

  • Vikas

    Hi Team,
    We are running a It services firm at Whitefield, we are currently having about 15,000 sq ft for furnished office on the Ground floor of a Tech park tower. Since we are playing to expand to about 25,000 sq ft, so we thought of renting a new affordable furnished office in Bangalore which should be within our budget of Rs 65/sq ft. At present we are paying Rs 95/sq ft since it’s in a tech park.

    We are on a lookout for cheap offices in Bangalore within 35,000 sq ft in any prime locations for good plug and play spaces for rent in locations such as Koramangala, Indiranagar, JP nagar, HSR layout, BTM layout and Indiranagar. The amenities should have modern workstations, md rooms, conference rooms, reception area and cafeteria that can seat 250 employees easily. If you come asross any such p commercial spaces that is meeting our needs then pls call or mail us the details of the available properties.